British Prime Minister with "swarm" to describe the stowaway was approved non-human

British Prime Minister Cameron
Photo: British Prime Minister Cameron. Photo: British Prime Minister Cameron debuted Downing Street, 10 Prime Minister's residence. South Korean Prime Minister David Cameron on July 30, after the incident that thousands of stowaway people hit the Channel of the British Channel, expressed the government's determination to crack down on illegal immigrants, but he used "Swarm" (swarm) to describe the stowaway, lead to criticism of the opposition party and social groups. "The general name of" swarm "is used to describe insects," said Cameron, Acting Chairman of the British Labor Party, who should remember that his object is human, not insect. The British Refugee Council also said that Cameron's argument was "irresponsible" and "inhuman". British Liberal Democratic Party leader Fellen said that those who tried to force smuggling is a group of desperate people, some of them on the way into the UK has lost his life. Green Party vice chairman Ali said that people are disgusted with Cameron's improper wording, he should immediately withdraw their own claims. Local time on July 28 night, at least 1,500 stowaways trying to port from the French port city of Calais at the end of the British Channel Tunnel, trying to smuggle through the tunnel to the United Kingdom. One in the process of stowing the tunnel. Cameron said the British government will work with France to solve this problem, Britain and France have reached an agreement to strengthen cooperation in the repatriation of illegal immigrants. The British government will take all measures to ensure that the British border security, but also to protect the traffic flow in the English Channel. British Interior Minister Teresa Meyer said Britain would urgently build a new fence to prevent illegal immigrants from entering and would invest £ 7 million to strengthen security at the Anglo-French Tunnel. Author: Zhou Zhaojun

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